How our plates are made

All our plates meet the British Standard (BS AU 145e) for number plates.

Legal + DVLA Compliant =  

All Collection Points purchase number plate components from leading manufacturer, Jepson & Co.

With millions of plates and thousands of trade suppliers under their belt, you can be assured of the right quality and legality from one of the UK's leading number plate manufacturers.  

1.  Durable plastics

The UK has some of the strictest regulations in Europe for number plate durability.  Our durable plastics are purpose-designed to be fully resistant to thermal change and impact according to the new British Standard, BS AU 145e.

2. High-tech retro-reflective

Supplied by major global manufacturers including 3M, our reflectives in yellow and white are designed to reflect the light back in the same direction it came from, as required by the British Standard for number plates.

3. Dense black print

Number plate digits must have a specified density of blackness so they can be read by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.  All replacemyplates plates are printed to match this need.

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