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Can I get my plates fitted?

Lots of our Collection Points offer a number plate fitting service.

When you're placing your order, step 2 will list all your local Collection Points and whether a fitting service is available.

What size number plates do you sell?

We cater for more than 95% of the UK's number plates, including standard oblongs with or without flags (90%) plus rear plates for 4x4s, oversize plates and motorcycle number plates.

What makes your number plates legal?

We pride ourselves on supplying legal number plates.

The top three things to look out for on number plates are:

  • Digits
  • Spacing
  • Supplier details
  • The new British Standard mark (BS AU 145e)

There is also an option to customise with borders and flags.

Our products are British Standard BS AU 145e compliant and our Click & Reserve process is legally allowed (because you show documents in-store).

Read more about the legal number plate design.

What documents will I need to provide when collecting my number plates?

You'll need to bring Proof of Identity plus Proof of Entitlement to the registration.

DVLA advises you to bring:

Identity documents

You can use the following to confirm your name and address:


Proving you can use the registration number

You must bring one of the following to show you’re allowed to display the registration number: