Becoming a Collection Point

We're here to support local businesses and to help people buy plates online legally.

Do I need to pay to become a Collection Point?

There is no fee to become a Collection Point.

If you already trade with Jepson & Co, you can sign up for free by speaking to your Sales & Support Manager.

To become a Collection Point and have your own number plate making equipment and software installed on your site, please get in touch using our webform.

Do I need to be registered with the DVLA to become a Collection Point?

Yes, your business needs to be on the Register for Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS).

For more information, contact us on or visit our parent company's page on how to become a registered number plate supplier.

How do Collection Points receive orders?

Our Collection Points receive orders automatically via PlateSync® software.

The system is fully GDPR compliant to ensure your data protection. Click here to see our data privacy notice.

Can I print the plates without seeing documentation from the customer?

No, unfortunately not. Our software requires you to enter details for proof of identity and proof of entitlement to the registration before it will allow you to print the customer's order.  This prevents customers collecting plates that do not belong to them.