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Some of our retailers may be shut as part of the government guidance for COVID-19. We are working with all our retailers in the coming days to establish the situation and we’ll continue to keep you updated.

Why we created

Most people don't know it's illegal to buy replacement number plates online (because number plate suppliers need to see original documents).

Created to make ordering number plates online simple and legal via click and collect.

Simply select your replacement number plate options using our step-by-step tool, place your order and your order will be sent automatically to your chosen collection point.

Many Collection Points even offer fitting so you can simply drive or ride (we do bike plates too) away with your lovely new number plates.

Doing things legally only supplies legal replacement number plates; from the materials, to the design, to the flags and borders.

We also only supply legal number plates through our Collection Points, who are all on the DVLA's Register of Number Plate Suppliers. They can only produce the number plates after they've seen the right original documents.


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To find out more if could help you get your number plates, design your plate today or find out how to become a Collection Point.