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Reasons why we've created replacemyplates.com to support you.

A number plate isn't always just a number plate. As experts in the industry, we know there's so much more to it and things aren't always what they seem. Your number plate registration is like your vehicle's passport. You wouldn't buy an illegal passport, so why risk buying an illegal number plate?

Some people don't know if their number plates are legal or not.

Many stores and online retailers will advertise that the number plates they supply are 100% legal, but if you don't show them your original documents, can they be trusted?

You should only ever buy number plates from a Registered Number Plate Supplier. All of our Collection Points are registered with the DVLA to legally supply number plate to the public.

All number plates should comply with the British Standard and design specifications implemented by DVLA. 

Buying number plates without showing the correct documentation is against the law.

Yes, that's right! You must always show your V5C logbook to show your entitlement to the registration. Imagine if you didn't, you could be buying something that doesn't actually belong to you.

You also need to show proof of identification, usually a driving licence or passport, for the Registered Number Plate Supplier to record your details.

For more information, download DVLA's useful guide on number plates below or check out the BBC's article on number plate cloning and the importance of showing your original documents when buying a number plate.